Last Class, Up Next

Last class we dug into What is News? and qualities of news:

  • Impact
  • Proximity
  • Conflict
  • Timely
  • Human Interest
  • Unusual
  • Helpful
  • Celebrity/Prominence
  • Consumer
  • Trend

We also started talking about characteristics of newswriting and journalism. The slideshow.

Reminder NO CLASS next week. Sorry, out of town for an event. Due when we meet next is the news analysis of a front page (print or website) of a news story. I’m looking for straight news. Careful not to pick an editorial or opinion piece. I went over this in class, but I’m looking for you to dissect the story’s content: sentences, paragraphs, structure, order, use of details, language, tone, quotes, objectivity, etc.. What news qualities does the story have? Why is it newsworthy? Most compelling turn of phrase or sentence. What detail or word choice impressed you the most? Was the story effective? What could have been added or done better? I don’t think I mentioned word count in class. No more than two pages!

We’ll have another AP style quiz when we meet next. Bring your book!

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