Class Update, Midterm

Last week we did some lead exercises, midterm prep, and discussed more details about the upcoming Story #2, the advance story. More details on Story #2 in other blog posts. We also did the in-class Swimmer gold medal story, which we uploaded to Blackboard.

The important note is that next the midterm will be given online through Blackboard. The plan is to have the exam begin when the class starts, and there will be a time limit. I’m still fiddling with the Blackboard portion on my end, so I will send out instructions and a link when that is all sorted. You should be able to do this wherever you have a computer and internet connection. So look for an email from my TU email address.

Also, the required Grammar Exam is coming up. I will send you a link to a practice exam. Think of it like the PSAT, a shrunken version of the full exam and you can see how you do and where you need to improve.





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