Story Assignment

Hi All:

Due next week will be a short news story announcing a new Coca-Cola limited-edition can campaign. The very short press conference/presentation will be posted on Blackboard with most of the details you need to provide the basis for the story. Often, large companies host such events to promote new goods or campaings. See below for a recent Apple Special Keynote Event.



I’m not trying to promote Apple products, but rather show you how a press event like this turns into news. The event was newsworthy because 1) Apple is a very prominent worldwide company 2) the event featured several major players at Apple, including CEO Tim Cooke, 3) the company’s products and pricing impact a large segment of the population 4) and any new products they unveil creates public interest. There was also some conflict here, as Apple has competition in the education market. All this is why many major media publications covered the event, including The New York Times. See how this 1 hour-plus event was boiled down in this news story. Look at how the authors focused this piece on the announcement of the new iPad model.

On Blackboard will be our own press event, the announcement of the green Coke cans. Due next week is a news story about this announcement. You can use what I give you in the video and slideshow AND supplement with real and relevant information from primary sources about Earth Week, the Coca-Cola Foundation, Coke and others. I added a submission folder on Blackboard for Story #2. A more relevant example of the kind of story I’m talking about can be found here on Marketplace, a short news item about this campaign for a limited-edition Diet Coke cans sold in England last year.



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