Story #3, Ted talks


For story #3, write a news story focused on one of the below Ted talks. Imagine you’re a reporter covering the event, very similar to the Apple Event I posted where they announced the new iPad. That event covered lots of ground and was nearly an hour or longer, but the story focused on the introduction of this new iPad model and what is new about the device and why they are releasing it. What is the specific focus/subject of the talk? What is the NEWS that comes out?  You can delay details about the event itself, or tuck them into a sentence. It’s not important that this person gave a talk or where, but the interesting thing they focus on. Of course, at some point slip in that they

Here is a TedX talk about an author discussing her research and the book that came out of it. And here is the story about the very same event that ran in the newspaper the next day. More recent, a Wired featured on a man who help beat smallpox references and summarizes a Ted talk.  

“Cover” one of these Ted talks. Summarize the talk. All these speakers give very detailed examples of the subject they’re talking about. USE those details and specifics. They will make the story come alive and that much more interesting and authoritative. Attribute where necessary. Use AP style throughout. Aim for active voice whenever possible. Subject-verb-object construction. If you have a long sentence, follow it up with a short one. Don’t insert yourself (or your opinions) in the story. Be objective and let the facts tell the story. Check spelling of EVERYTHING. Accuracy is so important. You can look up these people online to get more background on them, and get their most current affiliations and job titles. There should be a paragraph, or two, where you talk about the person’s background to acknowledge their expertise. For example, here is a podcast talk with research scholar Crystal Watson at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Why is Dr. Watson qualified to talk about this subject? Let the reader know. Like this.

Watson, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, focuses on public health risk assessment, crisis and risk-based decision making, public health and healthcare preparedness and response, biodefense, and emerging infectious disease preparedness and response. From 2012 to 2013, Watson served as program manager for the Integrated Terrorism Risk Assessment program of the Department of Homeland Security.

She recently co-authored a report published by The American Enterprise Institute, in collaboration with faculty from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security,  titled “National Coronavirus Response: A Road Map to Reopening.” The report offers a guide for navigating the entirety of the pandemic, including both recommendations for adapting our public health strategy and milestones for deciding when and how officials should relax physical distancing measures.


Most timely, here is a talk with designer and technologist Marko Russiver talking about The Global Hack, a virtual hackathon

Here is Kate Wagner talking about McMansions.

And here is Matt Walker talking about sleep as your superpower.

And here is Tracy McMillan talking about The Person you Really Need to Marry.

And finally, Nanfu Want talking about growing up under China’s One Child Policy.







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