Leads and Story Structure/Next Class

Last class we covered lots of ground. We mainly focused on summary leads and what goes into them. The 5Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why) and How. And the occasional “So What?” We also talked about Delayed ID and attribution. These are all the choices you have to make when deciding what goes intoContinue reading “Leads and Story Structure/Next Class”

…more on the advance stories

The paper due on March 25 will be an Advance Story, one that alerts your readers to an interesting and newsworthy upcoming event or opening. You see these all the time for scheduled press conferences/announcements, speaking engagements, symposia, exhibit openings, festivals, groundbreakings, etc. Look for all the news qualities we’ve talked about in case: proximity, timeliness,Continue reading “…more on the advance stories”

“Staff” bio assignment, due Feb. 5

First, welcome to Writing for the Media Spring 2020 Nice meeting all of you. When we resume, I will start to delve into “What is news?” How to identify a compelling story, and the basic attributes and elements of news. Due next week will be your first story, the staff bio. I want you toContinue reading ““Staff” bio assignment, due Feb. 5″